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Types Of Waste

There are lots of different kinds of waste. In the UK we create and make billions of tonnes of waste annually and much of it isn’t recyclable while some of it may be biodegradable.

Waste management might be about reusing what we’ve and taking advantage of our small resources, but it’s also about not clogging up the planet. It’s a testament to the quantity of waste we should give us all pause for consideration and create only good waste that can be reused.

You can find many different types of waste, which must be managed in a manner that is special. Waste management techniques change depending on this problem of disposing of specific materials and these demands.

Commerce Waste

Other companies and contractors create waste when they knock down walls, tear up old flooring or build matters.

Clinical Waste

This can be anything from bandages and body parts to needles and other gear that is disposable. All this must be made safe by taking to your specialist recycling station that copes with clinical waste or by burning within an incineration.

Hazardous Waste

There are tons of waste products which are dangerous to the general public and which should be disposed of. These may contain substances which are toxic such as radioactive or mercury such as some medical appliances. Waste that is hazardous typically has some property of ignitability, corrosiveness, reactivity or toxicity which means it must be managed by specialist teams.

Private / secret or better know as confidential Waste

Whether digital ones or its paper records disposing of corporate content in order that privacy is preserved is an integral part of organisational security. That contains office files but also other waste for example smartphones and old hard drives.

WEEE Waste

As we develop our technological diversity electronic waste is becoming ever more significant. It’s not almost reusing parts but having to handle hazardous materials including lead and cadmium which are in some machines that are older.

Commercial and industrial Waste

Companies and our production bases across the united kingdom all create a considerable amount of waste.


Bio-waste can be anything from food garbage and plant waste to animal and sawdust byproducts for example dung. Finding methods to recycle these or use them to create energy is among the important challenges of waste management. Anything which is biodegradable basically comes into this group.

Building and Demolition Waste

Whether you happen to be constructing a fresh office block or demolishing a vintage coal fire power station, the quantity of waste generated is sizeable. This needs to be gathered and either repurposed or recycled and can contain anything from bricks and steel girders to hazardous waste like old insulation and asbestos and lead infrastructure.

The amount of distinct businesses that have evolved out of the variety of waste we create on a daily basis in our lives is outstanding. Each has its rules and regulations for the manner it works and each needs to confront the challenge of the best way to work more sustainably in an universe of limited resources.

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